Reasons You Might Feel Pain in Your Legs After a Car Wreck


Leg discomfort after a car accident can be caused by a number of things, including shattered bones, ligament injury, and blood clots. Some of these wounds will heal on their own in due time, while others could be fatal if you wait, so contact a Wisconsin auto accident lawyer immediately to get the compensation you might need for a speedy recovery.

Parts of Your Leg That Might Get Hurt in an Accident

In the event of a high-velocity or head-on crash, the driver’s legs could be pinned under the dashboard, leading to fractured bones or crush injuries. Your left knee may suffer from blunt force trauma if you are involved in a side-impact collision.

Types of leg injuries after a car accident

Five distinct types of leg injuries can result from a car crash.

  • Injuries to the upper legs include the femur, hamstrings, quadriceps, and adductors.
  • Injuries to the lower leg occur somewhere between the knee and the ankle. The shin bone (or tibia) is part of the lower leg, together with the fibula, Achilles tendon, and the muscles and nerves that regulate ankle motion.
  • Your knees are the largest joints in your body, making them most vulnerable to damage. These are also the most vulnerable joints, however. The patella, articular cartilage, menisci, two ligaments, bursa sacs, and a number of tendons make up the knee.
  • Injuries to the ankle – If your ankle is twisted in the accident, you may break a bone in your lower leg. The talus is a small bone in the ankle that attaches to the tibia and fibula. Other ligaments on the inside and outside of the ankle help keep it stable.
  • Each foot contains 26 bones, over 20 muscles, 33 joints, and hundreds of tendons and ligaments, all of which can be injured. Due to the high number of bones, muscles, joints, and tendons in your feet, they are extremely susceptible to damage in a collision.

How Does a Leg Injury Feel After a Car Accident?

One of the most noticeable signs of a leg injury is pain. Pain in either your right or left leg after a car accident most often stems from damage to the bones or soft tissues in those legs. The following are some potential causes of leg pain:

  • You may experience searing pain in the back and front of your leg or wherever the damage occurred.
  • Stabbing pain when you put weight on your leg, such as kneeling or applying pressure on your ankle. Weight transfer may also cause discomfort. When you get up, you might feel the agony even more.
  • Pain that shoots down both legs could result from damage to the sciatic nerve, which supplies sensation to the lower body.
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