What Size Pot For Outdoor Weed

Size Pot For Outdoor Weed

This guide will give you the five steps to put what size pot for outdoor weed into action. Measuring pot size is vital to building a successful garden because it determines how many plants you can have per square foot and whether or not you can fit in a new plant. The bigger the pot, the more plants you can have in one growing area. The smaller the pot, the fewer plants you will have, and if you put in another plant, it will be crowded. No matter what size pot you choose to grow your marijuana in, a few essential factors must be considered. Before we start, let’s cover some basics about the different pots commonly used for growing marijuana.

There are three main types of pots grown for marijuana: – 

Dense Pots: These pots are meant to grow in hydroponics systems with a rich supply of nutrients and water. They tend to be smaller and allow for more oxygen flow when there is little water. This is great for marijuana with large leaves, like the kind you see in indica plants because it prevents the leaves from getting too big and prevents light from reaching all parts of the plant.

Air Pots: These pots are not used in hydroponic systems; instead, they drain excess water from the bottom so that air can flow freely through them. They tend to be larger than dense pots, needing space to provide roots with more oxygen and nutrients. They also need to be big enough to allow roots to grow without being attacked by air pockets.

Soil Pots: These pots are meant for growing in soil and are made with a different material than the others (usually ceramic or terra cotta). They tend to take up a lot of room and can be challenging to move around, but the large surface area of the raised sides allows for deep roots. They increase the oxygen in the air, which means more nutrients and better yields. This is perfect for outdoor plants with large leaves that need oxygen.

What Are The Perfect Size Pot For Outdoor Weed?

When choosing a pot, your size depends on how many plants you want to grow and how tall you want them to be. The most important thing if you are growing outdoors is ensuring that the pot has enough room for the roots. Soil pots are great for outdoor plants that need deep roots because of their large surface area and raised sides. However, they can be heavy to move and space-consuming. Air pots are great for outdoor plants that need more oxygen as they allow air pockets. They also allow more water to flow through them than soil pots do.

Dense Pots Size Guide:

These pots are small and only significant for a single plant. If you want to grow two or more plants in one dense pot. You need to buy two and set them side by side. This gives the roots plenty of room to spread out while only taking up the same amount of space as a single pot. They are often used in hydroponic systems because they don’t have as much water. So the roots don’t get too big and prevent light from reaching all parts of the plant. They also don’t hold on to humidity. So it is easier to keep an eye on the plants and help them grow properly.

Air Pots Size Guide:

These pots are great for larger indoor plants that need more oxygen. They are much smaller than the dense pots, so you can fit more into them and move them quickly. So They drain water out through holes in the bottom, so there is no excess water sitting at the bottom. They also have slots in the side to allow air to flow freely through. These pots are perfect if you want space-efficient plants with deep roots as they allow for profound root growth. But they will not be as efficient as soil pots. You will also have a more challenging time controlling how much light your plants receive because the pot walls do not prevent light from getting to all parts.

When choosing the right size pot for outdoor weed, you want to make sure that the roots are deep enough and there is enough room to grow. The recommended size is 1 to 1.5 gallons per plant. If you are growing indoors, you can use a 1-gallon water bottle as a guide. If you’re growing outdoors, you can use a 5-gallon bucket as a reference. The soil pots are much smaller than the dense pots and have much less surface area. So when comparing them to other sizes, remember that they will take up about the same amount of space in your garden as a single plant in a dense pot would (not counting any hanging plants or branches).


When buying a pot for your marijuana plants, make sure that the pot you choose is big enough for the roots to fit in. If you want to grow more or plan on growing many indoor plants. It is best to get two pots and set them side by side. This helps keep the roots from spreading too far apart and prevents plants from taking up a lot of space while growing. For outdoor marijuana growing. It is essential to use a soil pot because they drain well and allow plenty of oxygen to flow through, increasing nutrient levels that build stronger roots that can be more easily controlled.

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