michael strouse

Michael Strouse is one of the few people that I truly respect for his work on the subject of consciousness. Strouse has been a big champion of the notion that the brain has a built-in, innate self-awareness that allows it to become aware of its own brain-states. His research has led to a theory known as the “dual-cortex theory.

Michael Strouse is also the man behind the popular and now-defunct “brain-state-awareness” YouTube channel. His channel has garnered over 6 million subscribers and over 200 million total views.

Strouse’s theory is that our brains come in two distinct states, one in which we can consciously control our behavior and one in which we can’t. This is because our brain’s function is to maintain a “default” state. This default state is a state in which the brain can be easily influenced by external stimuli to go in one direction and stay in that direction without thinking about it. There is no awareness of our “self”-state inside our brain, only the default one.

Strouses theory is one of the very few things I don’t actually believe in, but I definitely believe in it.

The most common trait in our brains is a default state. We can’t let the default brain get on autopilot while we’re doing nothing or anything. The reason is that our brain just has a default state that has to be activated by our actions and our actions are being monitored to avoid future events. Our brains just have only one default state.

Our default state of mind is to be happy, at least when it comes to self-awareness. We don’t have to think about the negative things that may occur and worry about the worst-case scenario. We can just let go of the negative thoughts and focus on the good ones. We don’t have to think about the bad things that may occur and worry about the worst case scenario, we just let the bad things be. This is a very good habit to have.

I’ve always found it very reassuring to feel so totally at peace with the future. When I was younger, I went through a whole lot of thinking about the future. I always made sure to write down all the things that I wanted to do, but I was always a bit too far from the actual doing of most of those things, so I would focus on the positive instead.

In the past, I would run around with a stick and some music, and I’d look at music on the iPad, watch the YouTube video, and then sit down and write down a song or two about it. I wouldn’t get too many songs, but I’d write them down, and then it would start to happen.

I always thought the future was like a movie. I would be sitting in a director’s chair, looking out the window, and start to think about what the next scene would be. It would then start to happen.

I believe that the future is really all about the decisions we make now. I think that if you sit down and think about the future, it will start to happen. I dont think we will get there in the future, because all we can do is react to what we see or hear, and thats why we wont be able to change anything.

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